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1) The correct antonym of ‘Lecherous’ is
A) Passionate
B) Dirty
C) Nasty
D) Chaste

2) Transparency is needed in dealing with a matter of public interest.
A) Haziness
B) Trauma
C) Turbulence
D) Transition

3) The opposite of 'remote' is
A) High
B) Less
C) Far
D) Near

4) Select the pair in the following options, which is set in opposition :
A) Erroneous — Faulty
B) Reticent — Silent
C) Vilify— Slander
D) None of the above

5) Mary’s patience and serenity won the admiration of all who saw her
A) holiness
B) placidity
C) agitation
D) equanimity

6) Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word underlined below :
The darkness covered the whole countryside.

A) Silence
B) Stillness
C) Light
D) Noise

7) People responded to the leader's speech with shouts of ecstasy.
A) Despondency
B) Despair
C) Disagreement
D) Displeasure

8) The appearance of the stranger was forbidding.
A) Warm
B) Kind
C) Friendly
D) Amiable

9) The silence of the children was sinister.
A) Catnap
B) Cacophony
C) Coarse
D) Cruelty

10) The crowd felt stupefied by the lecture.
A) Engulfed
B) Entertained
C) Enthused
D) Encouraged

11) Select the pair in the following options which is set in opposition :
A) Doggish — Canine
B) Manly — Virile
C) Divine — Infernal
D) Earthly — Terrestrial

12) Select the pair in the following options which is set in opposition :
A) Pedant —— Pedagogic
B) Humid —— Arid
C) Erroneous —— Faulty
D) Horrible —— Horrendous

13) The prospect of her marriage is remote .
The opposite of 'remote', in this sentence, would be

A) high
B) less
C) far
D) near

14) Extravagance
A) Rashness
B) Meanness
C) Prudence
D) Excess

15) Humility
A) Rudeness
B) Vanity
C) Pride
D) Arrogance

16) The opposite of help is
A) Halt
B) Helpless
C) Hindrance
D) Stop

17) His point was lost amid the cacophony.
A) Music
B) Discordance
C) Silence
D) Crowd

18) The possibility of failure was imminent.
A) Remote
B) Inherent
C) Immediate
D) Perenial

19) There is abundant scope for improvement.
A) Ample
B) Scarce
C) Copious
D) Eternal