Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words

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21) Let's meet —— next week.
A) sometimes
B) sometime
C) some time
D) some times

22) No sooner —— the sun risen than the fog disappeared.
A) did
B) has
C) had
D) was

23) He entered the hall in the —— part of the show. Which is the right answer ?
A) Latter
B) Later
C) Late
D) Lately

24) ____ his humiliation, he attended the function.
A) Inspite
B) Not withstanding
C) Nevertheless
D) As of

25) In all probability it ____ rain tonight
A) will
B) can
C) may
D) ought

26) She had better ____ the room
A) entered
B) requested
C) moved
D) called

27) She liked the ____ plan better
A) latter
B) later
C) fast
D) early

28) A ____ bow was seen in the sky.
A) multicoloured
B) shooting
C) staring
D) melodious

29) Insert a correct Participle in the blank space :
____ about dinner, John ran the whole way home

A) Having finished
B) Excited
C) Had been excited
D) Hungry

30) Insert the correct Adverbial Phrase in the blank space :
Only ____ is there a rumble in the sky

A) occasionally
B) swiftly
C) quite
D) merrily

31) Fill in the blank with the appropriate infinitive :
____ is human

A) To laugh
B) To err
C) To read
D) To save

32) Fill in the blank with the correct word :
_____ he was late, he come home by nine.

A) Even
B) Although
C) Because
D) Despite

33) Fill in the blank with the correct word :
A _____ jewel was in the locker.

A) browning
B) filling
C) shining
D) moving

34) Fill in the blank with the correct word :
The river was _______ the bank.

A) overflowing
B) dry
C) full
D) deep

35) Put in a correct participle in the blank space :
The car was _______ down the slope.

A) rolling
B) breaking
C) lost
D) having arrived

36) Insert correct word in the blank space :
Finish your task in a ______ mariner.

A) swift
B) competent
C) silent
D) lazy

37) Use suitable auxiliary verb to fill in the blank space :
You _____ catch the train at once.

A) will
B) can
C) shall
D) must

38) Fill in the space with an infinitive :
It is easy _____ but hard to finish.

A) to end
B) to fall
C) to lose
D) to begin

39) Insert proper words in the sentence :
Here is the man _____ you asked _____ .

A) whom, about
B) that, for
C) for, from
D) this, for

40) Fill in, with relative pronoun, the blank space below :
The man _______ briefcase was lost, reported to the police.

A) that
B) whose
C) which
D) whom