Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words

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61) It is usual nowadays to blow one's own ———— to impress others.
A) Horn
B) Trumpet
C) Drum
D) Band

62) The street in not properly ———— .
A) Illumed
B) Illumind
C) Illuminated
D) Enlightened

63) A lame duck organization is one which needs ___________.
A) authoity
B) staff
C) power
D) support

64) The ——— of the place attracts many ascetics.
A) Quietness
B) Silence
C) Quietude
D) Soundlessness

65) Choose the word from the list which is nearest in menaing to the underlined part of the sentence :
The separation from a lover fills one's mind with blues.

A) sadness
B) Romanticism
C) Nostalgia
D) Colourfulness

66) The last ——— will be performed by members of the family only.
A) Wright
B) Right
C) Rite
D) Write

67) He would always ——— the police.
A) Elude
B) illude
C) Allude
D) Delude

68) You should ——— her case as a precedent.
A) Site
B) Cite
C) Sight
D) Side

69) A clever man sweeps his family scandals under the ______
A) Ground
B) Floor
C) Carpet
D) Grave-stone

70) He came of his own ———
A) Violation
B) Volition
C) Volubility
D) View

71) The fruit was juicy and ———
A) Succulent
B) Succinet
C) Sufficient
D) Subtle

72) The ——— structure dwarfed all the surrounding buildings.
A) Impossible
B) Imposing
C) Implacable
D) Important

73) Her ——— ways captivated many young men.
A) Wintry
B) Weird
C) Wearisome
D) Winsome

74) The thieves ——— through the cupboards searching for valuable articles.
A) Ran
B) Ruptured
C) Rummaged
D) Rustled

75) The ——— of the farmland was enough to sustain the small family
A) Yoke
B) Yeast
C) Yard
D) Yield

76) The ——— fumes of vehicles pollute the air.
A) Noxious
B) Nutritious
C) Nourishing
D) Notorious

77) He is so ——— nothing moves him.
A) Non-commital
B) Nonchalant
C) Nondescript
D) Noncombatant

78) The dish was ——— with herbs.
A) Garnished
B) Garlanded
C) Gathered
D) Gardened

79) Many camels together would be called a ——— of camels.
A) Team
B) Troop
C) String
D) Caravan