Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words

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1) It is nine o'clock in Darjeeling in the morning and ——
A) there is snow
B) It is snowing
C) It snows
D) It snowed

2) Use the correct expression :
I —— the patient will die.

A) hope
B) think
C) see
D) am afraid

3) We —— our dinner last night.
A) have taken
B) took
C) had taken
D) take

4) I was sure I —— meet him.
A) would
B) will
C) shall
D) should

5) Babies ____ when they are hungry.
A) cries
B) cried
C) are crying
D) cry

6) I need a —— note.
A) Five hundred rupees
B) Five hundred rupee
C) Five hundreds rupees
D) Five hundreds rupee

7) He will reach home _____ at evening
A) lately
B) late
C) later
D) latest

8) He solved the _____ problem.
A) hardly
B) hard
C) hardier
D) Hardist

9) _____ are still tortured in remote villages.
A) Daughter-in-laws
B) Daughters-in-Laws
C) Daughters-in-law
D) Daughter-in-law

10) The street is not properly ——
A) Illumed
B) Illumined
C) Illuminated
D) Enlightened

11) The —— structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonders of the world.
A) Magnanimous
B) Mediocre
C) Mighty
D) Majestic

12) He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself ——
A) Insipid
B) Insolent
C) Innocent
D) Insolvent

13) The child proved himself —— by his behaviour and was expelled from the school.
A) Ill-brend
B) Ill-advised
C) Ill-treated
D) Illogical

14) The banquet-hail —— decorated to celebrate the occasion.
A) Slovenly
B) Simply
C) Lavishly
D) Poorly

15) He came of his own ——
A) Impulse
B) Instinct
C) Accord
D) indifference

16) My watch is five minutes ——
A) slow
B) lately
C) past
D) late

17) He advanced —— he could.
A) until
B) while
C) as far as
D) as

18) I am sure I —— him before.
A) have met
B) met
C) had met
D) will meet

19) I —— him for a long time.
A) have known
B) knew
C) had known
D) should have known

20) The jury —— divided in their opinion.
A) were
B) was
C) have been
D) have