Idioms and phrases

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1) At daggers drawn
A) Deceiving somebody
B) Without hope
C) Friendly with each other
D) Bitterly hostile

2) Pull yourself together
A) Go to sleep
B) Calm down
C) Try to understand
D) Do a good job

3) Butterflies in the stomach
A) Being excited
B) Being nervous
C) Being angry
D) Being hungry

4) In the pink
A) In the pink dress
B) In the limelight
C) In a happy mood
D) In a good health

5) Get out of hand
A) Get out of control
B) To complete a task
C) Give up something
D) Get upset

6) Pull someone’s leg
A) Trust someone
B) Joke with someone
C) Get upset with someone
D) Tell someone a secret

7) Out of the woods
A) No longer in trouble
B) No longer in sight
C) No longer in famous
D) No longer young

8) Miss the boat
A) Be too slow
B) Lose courage
C) Accept defeat
D) Lose an opportunity

9) A stones through
A) A memorable place
B) An easy task
C) A short distance
D) A faraway place

10) Costs an arm and a leg
A) Easy to obtain
B) Rarely available
C) Nothing to lose
D) Very expensive

11) To play ducks and drakes
A) To use recklessly
B) To change places
C) To be friendly
D) To act cleverly

12) A fish out of water
A) Ready to die
B) In the absence of something
C) In unfamiliar circumstances
D) Feeling sick

13) Actions speak louder than words
A) Take up a task that you cannot finish
B) What you do is more important than what you say
C) Do something without planning
D) Look for solutions in the wrong place

14) Lead someone by the nose
A) To do the right thing
B) To force someone to take the blame
C) To dominate someone
D) To quarrel with someone

15) The idiomatic expression ‘pull yourself together’ ——
A) Drag oneself
B) help one
C) get angry
D) calm down by oneself

16) 'Crocodile tears' means ——.
A) Expression of sorrow
B) Tears of animals
C) False tears
D) Painful Expression

17) 'To see red' means
A) To begin to understand
B) To be mad with anger
C) A narrow escape
D) Smart and clean

18) He is such a good Samaritan. It means
A) He is very clever
B) He is a fool
C) Someone who tries to help people
D) He is a bad man

19) The news came like a bolt from the blue.
A) Windfall
B) Thunderbolt
C) Sudden and unexpected
D) Shock

20) The idiomatic expression 'see eye to eye' means
A) agree with someone.
B) to remain neutral.
C) to take over (something).
D) to enjoy the best of both.