One word substitution

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1) People who do not settle down, speak the Romany language, are called.
A) Truant
B) Vagabond
C) Gypsy
D) Wanderer

2) A preparation for killing insects is.
A) Parasite
B) Insecticide
C) Humus
D) Rodent

3) An omnivorous creature is one who
A) Eats both plants and animals
B) Omnipresent
C) Omniscient
D) Eats nothing

4) 'We are superior to every body else' is the apart utterance of a/an—
A) Egoist
B) Pacifist
C) Anarchist
D) Chauvinist

5) A —— makes no difference between man and man in spreading his love.
A) Philander
B) Philistine
C) Philosopher
D) Philanthropist

6) Ornithology is the study of
A) Fish
B) Coins
C) Relics
D) Birds

7) The word necrophilia means
A) Love for insects
B) Love for children
C) Cultivation of knowledge
D) Fascination with dead bodies

8) Choose the correct meaning of the word from the alternatives given below :
Classic ____

A) of the first or highest quality
B) a long list
C) loose, flowing robe
D) sanctified

9) One who considers the happiness and well being of others first is an
A) Atheist
B) Altruist
C) Alchemist
D) Aesthete

10) An Ophthalmologist is a person who deals with ____
A) heart
B) eyes
C) glands
D) lungs

11) An Ornithologist deals with :
A) Insects
B) Birds
C) Eyes
D) Heart

12) An indefatigable person remains
A) untired
B) unhappy
C) unrelentful
D) unsocial

13) An Epicurean is one who
A) Endures
B) Suffers
C) Enjoys pleasure
D) Loves

14) An orthopaedist deals with
A) Eyes
B) Lungs
C) Bones
D) Childbirth

15) An illness that is likely to be fatal is
A) Mortal
B) Serious
C) Slight
D) Temporary

16) An ophthalmologist deals with :
A) Kidney
B) Liver
C) Eyes
D) Heart

17) Memorabilia refers to :
A) Memorable things
B) Memories of war
C) Memories of objects collected because of their links with people or events.
D) Memories of the past

18) A misanthrope is a person who
A) Dislikes women
B) Dislikes other people
C) Dislikes children
D) Dislikes nature

19) A person on the verge of death of an illness is :
A) Seriously ill
B) Terminally ill
C) Sporadically ill
D) None of the above

20) An endocrinologist deals with :
A) Teeth
B) Glands
C) Epidemics
D) Heart