Phrasal verb

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1) Never —— upon the marginalized.
A) look over
B) look down
C) look through
D) look into

2) They 'laughed down' the man means that they —— the man.
A) Confined
B) Laughed with
C) Ridiculed and belittled
D) Punished

3) His friend —— his word much to his despair.
A) Went back on
B) Went away from
C) Went with
D) Went in

4) The detective suddenly —— a useful clue.
A) gave in
B) came across
C) fill up
D) fell down

5) “Call up” means :
A) recollect
B) anticipate
C) befriend
D) invite

6) The girl ____ her mother
A) takes after
B) call in
C) puts off
D) puts by

7) The teacher will ____ a new chapter tomorrow.
A) take over
B) take up
C) take down
D) take off

8) He wanted to ________ out.
A) want
B) ask
C) call
D) order

9) There was no _____ in the rain.
A) let up
B) let in
C) let off
D) let go

10) In a moment of hurry, the files have been -------- by Hamilton.
A) Cast about
B) Cast out
C) Cast up
D) Cast aside

11) There was a —— on the midnight train.
A) Hold up
B) Hold in
C) Hold
D) Hold out

12) This evidence ———— with what one already knows.
A) ties in
B) sets in
C) gives in
D) goes down

13) They decided to ——— his number in the yellow pages.
A) Look into
B) Look at
C) Look up
D) Look onto

14) I will ——— to my job until May.
A) hold up
B) hold on
C) hold in
D) hold to

15) The boss simply could not ——— his inefficiency any more.
A) Put off
B) Put up with
C) Put down
D) Put across

16) We should ——— for a rainy day.
A) Put down
B) Put into
C) Put something by
D) Put things off

17) The thief ——— with the ornaments.
A) Made away
B) Made out
C) Made off
D) Made up